Nearing The Finish Line

Blue Palo Verde, Blueblossom, Western Redbud animations in progress. (yes, I am left-handed)

The first two are ready to go into FCP for further development and completion. The last I just began drawing tonight.

Of this series of nine California native flowering plants, these last three have been the most intense in terms of the numbers of flowers in stages of blooming.

Let’s just say that hand drawn animation is not for those who lack patience and persistence. I make my animations frame by frame, and each piece takes planning to figure out the most interesting, yet least tedious plan of attack for movement and composition. In addition, research to scope out what details of the plant are essential to show, understanding and memorizing how it grows – because I am not doing literal drawings but somewhat simplified and stylized representations, I need to be able improvise from the general idea. It is always an education and each time I work on a new plant it is a unique adventure.

At any rate, will share all animations together after these three are finished.

Nature is ever interesting and beautiful to study.

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