Dead Weight

This is what happens when people don’t give a flying fuck about vulnerable people.

And now, it’s not just because I am a Type 1 diabetic.

More fun news about deadly illness to come.

Get your shots and boosters and mask the fuck up in crowded indoor areas.

You are not the only people whose lives add something to society.

2 thoughts on “Dead Weight

    1. Thank you. And yes. It won’t be the same for a long while. Unfortunately, what does seem to be the same, at least in the US, is a type of person who has no regard for anyone but themselves. There is no consciousness here that along with “freedom” comes responsibility – otherwise one does not deserve to live “freely” in society. It’s especially to the point when it comes to vulnerable people – but I guess those who are in good health have actually deluded themselves into thinking they’ll never be the recipient of cruelty and selfishness should they suddenly become a member of the vulnerable population.


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