Animations To Inspire

Hand drawn digital animations I created for work to inspire people to learn about and plant California native plants in their gardens (Dymondia is considered “native” now because it has become so ubiquitous in California). These are the first two of nine in a series that we are posting during November, one of the fall/early winter months in which it is ideal to plant CA natives.

These plants are naturals for our climate, especially during times of drought (hello climate change extremes). But they’re also so interesting and unique to this part of the country. As a transplant from the east coast who moved to LA over 20 years ago, I’ve never stopped being fascinated by the variety of plants growing here which would not survive a colder climate.

Anyway, will share the others as they appear on Instagram in the coming weeks. Very much enjoying this project, which is always interesting to work on and came into existence for a really good cause too.

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