I’ve finally realized and embraced that I am an initiator, where conformists are afraid to say the truth, as an outsider, I can say what the actual problem is. But after that, I have to get the fuck out of there as they start to build all the delicate relationships on ego shells.

I can’t be a person who downplays the reality in a situation where there is oppression.

And the second someone says “blip” to me when I say what I see is happening, it’s time for me to go.

At 55, I know where I can be of use and be myself, and when I can’t, there’s no point in me staying even another second.

Act on your words or be held accountable.

And if you balk at that, don’t expect a person who points out that the emperor has no clothes to believe that they have any role to play in the puzzle-solving anymore.

Adios, Addio. E buona fortuna.

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