At the end of a beautiful pair of socks that I am making for a friend.

My journey back into knitting after some years of false starts got jump-started during the isolation time of the pandemic. I decided that I wanted to tackle sock knitting, but once I succeeded with my first test sock, I proceeded with knitting 4 pairs of socks – three for family, and this last for my friend, who has twice sent me gifts for my birthday to encourage my knitting habit.

This latest pair began around the time I was diagnosed with cancer last fall. I made several wrong attempts, knitting two single and separate socks with yarn which didn’t satisfy me, and the gauge went awry as well. My brain was a bit addled, but I wasn’t finding what I wanted tool and fiber-wise either.

Finally I decided to acquire a pair of sharp, steel knitting needles which have a reputation for being favored by lace knitters. I found the yarn which satisfied me too, after months of looking for the right colors, colors which my friend specified as her favorites. Glad to announce that I will make it in time to give my handiwork to her for her birthday – at last.

Knitting socks, even simple ones, is quite a nice sculptural challenge. Even better, they are a practical project, and made well, they fit and wear in a truly wonderful way. I think that they make a really nice thing to have – as any handmade, tailored type of clothing is.

After this, time to make a few things for myself. But I have to say, while I love bamboo needles, steel is best for small gauge projects like socks, because they can handle the pressure of knitting in the round with dpns better when one gets down to very few stitches per needle. They’re faster too.

Anyway, more to make. More nice things to come.

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