The Fragments portion of the ABBANDONATA project was meant to be a kind of storage area for inspirations and thoughts pertaining to the project, prior to an actual video episode. At this point, I want to keep an organized index of them for potential integration into the project in some way, so that is what this list is. They may also become seeds for new projects inspired by ABBANDONATA, but not connected directly to it.

The interesting thing about online publishing, outside of its work-in-progress fishbowl aspect, is the wonderful formality it can offer in terms of organization. For those who need a little bit of pressure to perform, the combination of the two seems to help. Good practice for eventually doing it all in private, and only offering the finished product for consumption. I’m not quite there yet…

  1. Face In The Forest
  2. Lamento Della Ninfa
  3. Remembrance of Things Past
  4. Give It
  5. Marked By Apple Trees, Marked By A Straight Brook
  6. Low
  7. Shadows
  8. Lost
  9. Vulnerable
  10. To Speak Of…
  11. Where It Was
  12. Over Here Over Here Over Here
  13. Underneath
  14. Left
  15. For Certes, I Am Al Venerien In Feelying
  16. Third Rail
  17. Mermaid
  18. Not Oblivion
  19. Persistence
  20. Eye
  21. Without Knowing It
  22. Crossed
  23. One
  24. Two Years
  25. Cupboard
  26. Homeless
  27. Numb
  28. Scrambled
  29. There Was No
  30. Tipped Into Irrelevance
  31. Remote
  32. Sound
  33. Bells, The Wind, And The Sea
  34. Later
  35. Double Emerges
  36. Illumination
  37. Snow
  38. Red Burden
  39. Prediction
  40. A Place To Travel To
  41. Dream
  42. Proclivity
  43. Faded
  44. Self-Inflict
  45. Pulled (apart)

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