Some years ago the film site Mubi had a separate site called The Garage where they were nurturing emerging filmmakers. This site was excellently curated and run by the fantastic Luis Alguera, and I met many of the same filmmakers from Vimeo who I admire and have a continuing relationship with there. The site was eventually closed, but not before I had the opportunity to work on a collaborative project with other filmmakers I met there, called The Ergodic Cinema Project, for which I completed a video. The Ergodic Cinema Project never did get off the ground, but it was a good experience for me in that I was challenged to make a video with a narrative – not something experimental filmmakers are necessarily held to – and I did. At the time, that video, called Letters, was also the longest video to date that I had completed, clocking in, not including titles and credits, at about 20 minutes.

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