“I cannot be grasped in the here and now
For I live just as well with the dead
As with the unborn
Somewhat closer to the heart
of creation than usual
But far from close enough”
— Paul Klee

The inspiration for the name of my website came to me in a lucid dream one afternoon years ago, when my children were small and we were taking an afternoon nap together during a warm autumn day. Odilon, in remembrance of Odilon Redon, and vert, French for the color green. Except for a few years when I decided, somewhat reluctantly, to put my actual name “in lights” here, I have kept “Odilonvert” in place (at the time of this writing) for about 10 years. A website is a creative endeavor, Odilonvert is my pen name.

Biographical and Educational Details

I was born in Naples, Italy, but have spent most of my life in the U.S., particularly NYC, and most recently, my time has been accumulating in Los Angeles. Two members of my family are professional classical musicians (you’ll hear them play in some of my short films). The other is who I got my visual artistic gene from.


Year of birth:



Barnard College, Columbia University
B.A., Oriental Studies (East Asian concentration – China)
1989, magna cum laude

Art Education:

Having come up in an an artistic family, for some reason I could never quite bring myself to get a formal art education. But I have taken courses over the years in life drawing (Art Students League), painting and sculpture (Columbia University), basic jewelry making, repousse, etching, enameling, lost wax casting (92nd Street Y, Parsons School of Design, Art School of The Austin Museum of Art).

All of my digital video, photography, and collage skills have been self-taught.

As of 6/23/2021, I am a registered artist with W.A.G.E.