I was a represented artist at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art from March 25, 2014 to February 2020, when LACDA announced it was moving. About a month after that, the pandemic lockdown hit Los Angeles. It has not been an active gallery since. 

I’m so grateful to Rex Bruce, who owned and curated LACDA, for having given me the opportunity to show my work there for 6 years. I met many fellow artists, really good ones, and as someone without a formal art background I was consistently amazed that I was included in this very talented group. Rex has impeccable taste, as I’ve affirmed since LACDA closed its doors, and I’d be hard pressed to find both an equivalently egalitarian and high quality artist-run gallery in Los Angeles since that unexpected announcement. I will always treasure my time and experiences and exposure there, knowing it to have been absolutely unique.

Image Courtesy of Albert Barba and Rex Bruce of LACDA. Entering the May 12, 2018 LACDA Represented Members Exhibit, where I was showing Alternate Ending (2017).

My page at LACDA, February, 2020: