Oh, The Statement.

Let’s see…

My inspiration comes from emotions, and the tension between ideals and what really happens on the ground.

I didn’t start making films until I couldn’t find the time to paint anymore, because I became a mother, and that changes everything.

Since then, I fell in love with making work that literally moves in front of your eyes, because I can unite so many of my interests in one place, and play each off the other, resulting in a (hopefully) complex, many layered work.

I feel that the world is alive with inspiration, but when I make something I don’t always know how what I’ve absorbed from my observations is going to be expressed in it. This is a good thing to me. Improvisation is an essential component of my working style.

I don’t like to follow any crowds, or any rules. Before I picked up a camera and made my first video, I knew my style, and I knew how I wanted to express myself, from years of doing my own thing on the canvas, out of sight. All that is needed is to decide on the right tools and technique to say what I need to say.

I believe that art’s benefit is to reflect our experience of being back to ourselves, and make us think, make us feel, and make us see with refreshed eyes. This is beneficial, because reflecting on our experiences can change us for the better.

My work is rather personal, and I don’t express myself explicitly. I love it when people see whatever they want to see in it, and make it their own in that way. If someone asks me about something I make, I don’t mind getting into a conversation about it, but I like it to be a two-way one. That is the communication part, the reason for showing the work – to have a conversation.

I’ve written a bunch of “Statements” over the years, and find the need to revise them as I get older, and my perspective changes. This is my latest.

May 2021