Consolidation And Close Of Abbandonata Project


I thought about this a lot over the last month or so. And I’ve decided that it is time to consolidate the material I have for Abbandonata into a work of its own. All ten video episodes will be brought together as a single film. I would also like to create a book with key stills, and photos and writing from Fragments. For some reason, the 10th Episode that I made for this project felt like the right ending for this poetic and mysterious story. To add more to it would be like overdressing someone on a hot day.

While Abbandonata becomes its own “volume,” I am going to be experimenting with shorter videos again and with actual film itself, as well as hand-drawn animation. I am not sure where that will lead me subject-wise, but I will make another, larger work as I did for Abbandonata, eventually. I like to have that kind of “epic” challenge in front of me, but it needs to come from a place that is not associated with constant and quick play, and that needs time to germinate. Now I know however, that I have the drive and energy in me to create a longer, more intricate work, and that is something I am glad to be confident of.

Once I complete the video work, I will share it in all the usual places. The book part of it may take a little longer, as I will need to play with printing mock versions of it, and then see how I’d like to have it published, and by whom. The important thing is to really get into that project in a manner which isn’t rushed, where I feel that I can learn everything in a way that is solid, and which is in line with my particular style of communicating.

On to the next evolution.