I created an account on Redbubble in early July. I am gradually developing a portfolio there of cards and postcards,  starting with my Flowers of the Underground series.
Note: As some of you may already know, I’ve struggled a lot with how to make my work available in some form to anyone. I grew up in an artistic family, and never felt that any kind of good art should be only available to those with money to burn. If people anyone can purchase music, if anyone can go buy a DVD of any kind of performance, why is acquiring good visual art a thing like collecting cars? Why does good art have to be considered an “investment” like a house, like a couture dress – in short, a “thing” to be traded back and forth between the rich instead of something anyone can keep and enjoy?
Postcards (and cards) are a humble thing but they allow someone to not only frame and put them in any place, but share them with others by mailing them. You can use them as a bookmark. You can write something on the back and keep it for yourself. You can carry it wherever you go. This is not something you can do with a monumental painting or sculpture or installation or whatever – but you can do this with music, and theater, and dance, writing – in short what you have is really yours, it’s value is specific to you, and it can always be with you.
I have postcards I bought when I was in my teens. I never throw them away, they’ve moved with me all over the country, they’ve been kept in journals, they’ve been pinned to the wall. They remind me of artists I discovered when I first started going to galleries and museums by myself. They’re a humble way to acquire art, but they’re a lasting way, and they’re something that anyone with a few dollars handy can buy. I believe in intimate art like this. And I want to contribute to it.