In this latest horror series, I am drawing on a visual story that I have been working on since December 2016, called Twins. The Twins video series version will follow the production style I used for Steps, in that video chapters will be developed over time, then incorporated into a single film before the last chapter. The chapters themselves will include still images from the ongoing original Twins project. In addition to the chapters, I am also going to create an introduction video to start the story (like an “introduction” in a novel). My aim with this project is to get into the habit of integrating more of what I create outside of videos – photo-based art, photography, animation of any kind – into one visually rich and complex video work.

  1. Twins (trailer)
  2. Twins: I. Origins
  3. Twins: II. Phlox
  4. Twins: III. Dandelion