Below are other things I do, or have done, in addition to my movies (experimental film, video, etc etc etc – I can’t keep up with these classifications). I still pursue them but have decided not to represent them beyond what is already on this blog, because it’s just too much to keep up with blogging/gallery-wise (I’m very prolific), and I’m really most interested in work that moves in real time, and all which that brings with it.

My pursuits in other media, however, are supportive of, and do inform my movies. Much of this work remains “unpublished,” and more of it in some fields – at least in terms of photography and photo-based art – is represented in the virtual realm than say, painting or drawing, metal/enamel or fiber work. Very recently, I’ve realized that doing photography or photo-based art, drawing, writing, and other things creative function a bit for me as sketches. I explore ideas through them, some may lead to more complex work and become a root for a movie, many don’t. While I may execute a beautiful pirouette in the studio, in and of itself, at least for me, it won’t ever really be the whole ballet.

So here are some of my studio pirouettes: