In April of 2016, I opened an EyeEm account to temporarily host a project called Story In Four. Each photo “strip” was created by shooting one photo after the other with an app – the dimensions of each photograph, and the dimensions of all four photos together was determined by the app, as well as color (as shot, or filtered with the app’s filters). There was no editing done after the shot was processed in app.

Over the course of five months, two of the original shots were accidentally deleted from my camera roll, May 13 and July 25, and reside only as uploads on my EyeEm profile (the images included in the slide show for those days are screenshots). Such are the vagaries of working in the ephemeral digital world. Nevertheless, I’m finding this an interesting element to incorporate in future digital projects – a different kind of accidental than would occur in say, a lab. The ghost image reveals a facet about the everyday, and the cyber world we are so attached to in this day and age. Perhaps it makes sense to include such things in the work, rather than bemoan them –  instead embrace them.

In August of 2016, I decided to complete this project on EyeEm, and move it to my Photographic Studies Shot In Successive Frames main page, where it will continue to develop. A new Story In Four will begin before the end of this year, building on this beginning.

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