Nine California Native Flowering Plants

A preview of a hand drawn digital animation and print project I’ve been working on since April of this year, which I finally completed last Friday (9/23). I’ll share the animations here as soon as they are available, via the internet accounts where I work, at The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The print versions as postcards are going to look slightly different from the above in terms of dimensions – they are a bit longer and surrounded by a border. The animations instead are formatted with the dimensions of a portrait-sized Instagram post. I will share the postcards here as well when they are available. One nice feature – they will have a QR code on the back which will lead to the actual animations, so they will be able to see the plants “blooming”.

This project is another facet of our effort to encourage people here in Southern California to plant California native plants in their gardens. These plants are beautiful and unique, and look very different from the thirsty plants that earlier settlers from East coast brought with them over 100 years ago, during a time when our climate in the West was going through a long rainy phase.

I hope that people will enjoy these artworks, and more importantly, consider adding these plants to their gardens and botanical vistas.