Winter Blooming Coming

camellia leaves

When cold weather really starts here, my mind goes to pictures colored like crazy negatives (i.e. via effect in iMovie, for example).

These leaves are actually very green and glossy. And some of their neighboring bushes have been flowering for a few weeks.

Two other things on my mind, a first birth, 9 years ago. It was traumatic for him, and for me. But he looks great now, as if it all went beautifully when he first appeared in the world. I thank God for that. And all my other blessings.

Later this morning, while thinking of that birth 9 years ago, counting my blessings, I find news of yet another school massacre, again by a troubled young man with access to guns. A kind of suicide terrorist, in the name of — ?

It’s all madness. A personal war carried to bystanders. Isn’t that what people who kill others they don’t even know, innocents, without discrimination, “things” in their eyes, are really doing? In their frustration of being ignored, or whatever their personal battle is to be loved, feel secure, feel happiness even if just some of the time, enough for them to love and care about others, they just toss the whole world away, with themselves.

This kind of murder and suicide is a vicious desperation.

Tailor-made to cause the most horrible grief.

Life can be so cruel.

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