The Great Escape (as usual)


I finally got a printer.

Now the real work begins.

What I want to do – build a world of my own. Through both moving image and books. Cinema, writing + photography. All in one world. Series, continued.

It’s funny how one last piece made me feel ready to push away from the dock (all the internet stuff – the groups, the contests, the promoting of this and that (often mainly oneself), the sharing of this and that).

A wonderful friend of mine who happens to be an amazing artist, Nettie Edwards, said to me during a conversation once, “Remember when we used to create something, and not tell anyone until it was done?” Yes, remember those days?

I think when we had that conversation weeks ago, I was already moving toward “normal” creative hermit mode. Yesterday, I finally reached it again, after years of well… let’s call it internet sharing and searching.

I certainly have plenty of work to show for it. But what I have needs a venue more concrete than the internet now. The related threads will be coming together, perpetuated by my particular way of keeping myself amused and evolving, many interrelated facets, with the ability to hop from one place to another but not leave the “world.”


Every Thursday