Last night I had a dream.

A beautiful baby boy was born. I took care of him then had to go away for a while. I thought who I left him with was taking care of him, but they were asleep.

He appeared, already able to walk, in the doorway of a room I was in. He was tiny and sweet. But I was shocked to hear that he had not been fed during the day that I was away, nor had his diaper been changed. He was so young, just born, it was terrible neglect.

I took him in my arms and recalled my days with my infants, putting something down to change his diaper. But before I put him down, his diaper was so full that its contents partly got all over the front of my shirt.

I didn’t know how to clean it off me, and I was in a panic thinking that I needed to feed him right away. I was about to nurse him, when I noticed a woman, a friend who had not had a second child, was in pain with very full breasts. I didn’t know that was his mother, and was wondering why I didn’t know that. I gave her the baby boy, and advice about taking care of herself, that the pain would go away soon as he ate.

After this, I was in my house alone. It was a strange time of day. There was a big spider which kept coming down off the ceiling. Then I was with my man and it was coming down the ceiling where he was, then would run to where I was when I went to another room. It would run away whenever either of us blew at it. But then when it came into my room, it started running toward me. I was both annoyed and scared. I asked my man to kill it, after I blew it into the room where he was. He killed it.