Free To Be You


I find the amount of data you end up receiving, on top of the data you create, to be overwhelming – it makes it easier to get distracted, and not get curious about what’s really going on behind the scenes at most social networks these days. Why are you encouraged to press a single button to show approval? Does that make it easier to get through the amount of content amassing in your feed? And when you keep pressing those buttons, what happens to your actual attention span – aren’t you supposed to be taking some time to digest and think about what’s in front of you? Are those buttons for your convenience, or for the social network’s, because they create an accumulation of those responses to form an offline profile of you? A second, ghost internet persona? And does this ghost change what you are looking at on your feed, is that your “real” internet persona? Who’s really in control here? And why?

My animal sense is getting bad vibes. Really bad vibes.

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