I am nobody.

I’ve withdrawn from the whole social media insanity. I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted with everything and the world at large. My patience is gone. I’m over it.

I was not made for the in-fighting of competitive professions, nor for its politics, its power plays, its quid pro quo’s, its egos, its declarations of purity, its hierarchies of expression. I’m just not good for that. It stresses me to no end to witness those dynamics. As a result people will see my temper, I’ll blow myself out of the exit I need to escape through with my temper.

This is me under stress. I prefer peace. But put me in an environment where I am subject to lying, humiliation, unjust retribution and pettiness and I will leave it, but not before scorching it beyond recognition.

Indeed, as the Elliott Smith song goes:

I’ve been outside
invited in
but I couldn’t abide
wouldn’t miss it again

Burning every bridge that I cross
to find some beautiful place to get lost.

I’m going to find some beautiful place to get lost.

Don’t look for me if you’re trying to bring me back inside.