Pause, Get On Your Mark

double flash on ceiling

Oh those social media networks. Oh that art community. Oh trying to find a balance in it all, collaborative projects, in depth discussions both technical and philosophical, admiring the work of others and being addicted to that because dammit, people make awesome things and can’t get enough of that – and my own work hanging over me like a storm cloud, the longer term things now clamoring for completion, attention, connection.

So I watch everyone going nuts trying to update their mobile devices to iOS7, seeing what apps break or don’t and then – I decide to order two books about alternative processing digital and analog and hang back from the fray. I have enough, enough to make things with. There’s always something new but now I need to apply what I learned, enough gathering and gathering and testing and gathering. It’s time to buckle down, dig deep, produce, pull from all that mess something that speaks.

It’s coming.

It’s coming.

Every Thursday