Right Direction Growth

At this point, I’ve thrown out the whole onion skin tracing movement and am working on each frame, freehand, making decisions on action and form from the previous frame, loosely. I work from intuition and prefer to improvise, developing layer by layer. The starting image (a long exposure video) is only a seed. I am not interested in the traditional animation process, where there is a storyboard and there are few surprises (if any) expected in the actual visual development, much like in traditional narrative film. The process is where I develop the “story.”

On an entirely different note, the election results today are hitting me the way an abused spouse realizes that she can leave. The door is standing open. But she still feels traumatized as she gets away. Hopeful, but needing recovery from years of trauma to really believe that the horror of a human being who hurt her every day is finally, FINALLY, GONE.