Collaboration: Homo Sapiens Project (HSP), Rouzbeh Rashidi

Some news I post with pride about a collaborative effort with Rouzbeh Rashidi, one of my favorite contemporary experimental filmmakers. Above a still from the video we worked on, HSP (112), an installment of the Homo Sapiens Project.

Rouzbeh lives in Ireland. Based on specific guidelines for the project, I filmed my portion of the video, 8 clips of raw, unedited footage shot with a Canon Vixia HFS200 after dark in Los Angeles one night, and sent all the footage to him via the internet the next morning. A couple of days later, the video was completed. He works so fast!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to further collaboration with this very talented and fearless filmmaker.

Originally published inĀ Every Thursday.

Video Collaborations, with Rouzbeh Rashidi