Update January 2012

Above, a still fromĀ our promotion video for our IndieGoGo funding campaign in July 2011.

After a year of hard work communicating our thoughts and plans about the project to one another via discussion threads, emails, and Skype, a few changes of filmmakers and staff, three films completed by the end of 2011 (Letters, Storm, and Dogg Lesson), and the rest in production, our team of 11 filmmakers forge ahead with The Ergodic Cinema Project. Still a conundrum, the rest of the needed funding that we were not able to make during the IndieGoGo campaign. At the moment, we are starting to look into grant funding, which will be a project in and of itself. But when all is said and done, we are most confident that when finally completed, funded, and put together for viewing, The Ergodic Cinema Project will be a fascinating and forward looking kind of film.

More updates to come…

Video Collaborations