silent film mode

I wasn’t sure what photo to use for this amazing news, so I just picked one I took not too long ago while traveling down a street via car, at night, here in LA. It was taken with Hipstamatic Oggl, edited with both Oggl and Monovu, and ended up looking a little like a still from a tinted silent film.

So my news – I’ve joined a professional artistic community represented by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), owned and run by Rex Bruce.

Perhaps I chose my “tinted silent film still” pic for this post because, I’m still at a loss for words, and this news still feels like some kind of illusion, a dream …

For certain, being invited to join the represented artists at LACDA was not something I expected or looked for. It came as a complete surprise.

Alright then, on with the “amazed and at a loss for words” mode…

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