What You See Is What You Don’t See


An Apple is not an apple.

There is another work on the heels of this coming up, perhaps even a bit more cross-territory, with real writing (not from an app). …

The ambiguity of things in cyberspace. I recently installed Ghostery to both block tracking and to see how often I am tracked in cyberspace, and what software is stalking me. I have to think a lot to try and remember when the little ghost symbol doesn’t light up with a number from 1 to whatever. It’s very disheartening, particularly as I do not know what the ad trackers and analytical trackers are picking up, nor where they are sending what they pick up, nor when I ever consented to have myself followed in this way. In the same manner where there may be spies in a public place, there are spies here – except that even in so-called “private” areas (areas that are so termed), they are watching too. It is REAL.

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