Goofing Around

remember the 80s

Friday before Christmas.

Two Irish whiskeys at Bergin’s with my other half, along with food, naturally (not that I don’t feel like I’m in another world, esp. after having my eyes dilated during my yearly eye exam – oooh that GLOW effect).

Bought the Radiohead album Airbag/How Am I Driving? (EP, 1998). Blasting it. Depressingly ecstatic. Ecstatically depressing. Whatever, it’s all in the chords and rhythms, all there…

And then took pics with Photo Booth, rather ’80s style.

One has to feel free and silly sometimes too. Emotionally held within the apartment, otherwise I think I’d be madly dancing, feeling stupidly happy (as the XTC song goes).

Yes. Release. From this gravity. Heavy gravity, be gone for a little while. Visit me later, after my little party by myself.

Then I’ll entertain a thought of you. If you approach me inĀ just the right way.


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