Finally starting, after years of wanting to get more hands-on with my artwork again, to play with Polaroid photos.

I have a specific project in mind for transparencies which will take a bit of experimentation and customization to create.

Time is a big deal when working in analog formats, and figuring out how to get something done with the little I have remains a challenge which requires scrappy substitutions for processes which, if I insisted in following a traditional path, would involve not just uninterrupted time, but also a proper space to work. But if I wait for that to happen, I may wait in vain – between my ever scary health surprises and the responsibilities I’ve taken on for so many years, I’m not about to waste time again waiting for the perfect circumstances to come up.

Having had to adapt to tough and serious obstacles to do what I need to do for myself is nothing new since I graduated from Barnard College in 1989. Don’t ever put those rose-colored glasses back on.

Keep your eyes on the road, no matter what falls in your path.