Superimposing of a portrait on an interior space.

As well as some other “stuff.”

Self-portraits are fun because you have license to do whatever on earth you want with your own image. No restrictions. And nobody can say diddly about your choices.

Just the way I like my creating. Freedom to fly or fall. Or just float. It’s all on you.

And therefore, an exercise, an opportunity to learn, to share, to reveal, to explore. To grow to… somewhere. With no inhibitions, no rules, no time limits, no measurements. You find as you go, you keep and discard, you realize that in the end, you’ve come to some other place because you had to, for some reason that you cannot fathom completely, a personal journey that you undertake because it is the nature of what we do from the moment we exit the womb to the moment our body stops functioning, travelers, traveling. Always.

Every Thursday