Self Portrait, November 2013


I do a lot of self-portraits because I know that I am not going to object to how I am portrayed – i.e., I can experiment as much as I want with my face, or anything else. Sometimes these portraits are abstract and don’t involve any part of my physical self. They also often get scattered in Every Thursday, or posted to social media sites such as, Flickr, and EyeEm. I’ll be posting some here that don’t go “there” to give an idea of how I like to mess with myself.

The one above was taken using Hipstamatic classic and one of my very favorite combinations for portraits – the Tinto Lens and BlackKeys Supergrain “film.” This one also was made with the double exposure feature, and shot in low light indoors. Because I feel like I have an old-fashioned kind of face, it’s amusing to me to use that lens/film combination and see myself “fitting” into the right era physically.