Experimenting Off The Phone

early experiment for SIF2

On a day to day basis I usually shoot with my phone. Story In Four is initially shot with an app I have on my phone. At this stage, I’m starting to experiment with different ways of editing these kinds of shots. Today I started doing some editing with my “big computer” programs. I have some really nice ones, but haven’t been using them much for photography since I’ve been away from blogging (I consider this Notes section as very specificied blogging).

Most of the things I do on my desktop (moving pictures and animation are another thing entirely) I can do with apps on my phone, but what I really like about my desktop is that everything is displayed so BIG. So it’s a pleasure to sit down and edit there. I don’t do any blogging on my phone though, all the substantial things I write and want to keep are always done on a much larger screen. I think of my phone as a sketchbook, my desktop as an easel and canvas. I guess I definitely come from a traditional fine arts drawing and painting background… so my work habits and how I think of process inevitably shows when I describe when and how I do things. Not a bad field to come from, for me anyway.

Once I feel like I have a few different techniques down that will work with this concept (Story In Four), I’ll start another series. Editing photos is not as stress relieving as taking them, but I feel that doing this for a while will result in more and interesting approaches. I’m always looking to escape boredom.