Details: I. This Is A Note In A Tender Sequence

I_this is a note in a tender sequence

Camera and Apps: iPhone 4, native iPhone video, Paper Camera, 8mm
Editing: Final Cut Pro
Music: Public Domain (CC) – Sergei Rachmaninoff, Prelude in G-Sharp, performed by Raul Manjarrez
Poetry: Inland, by Chase Twichell

The colored paper captured in this video was an ephemeral project that I put up in our backyard earlier this year. It was made with cut tissue paper of all colors, with no planning other than materials (colored tissue paper, scissors, tape, and ribbon used for wrapping presents) and location (hung from a frame and trees in the back yard as a canopy). It lasted for a few days in January while the weather was warm, then it rained and I took photos and video of it in its ravaged state. I will make more of these in the future.

Here is a photo of what it looked like before the rain:

paper canopy

And here is a photo of what it looked like afterward, when I filmed it:

paper project after rain

I. This Is A Note In A Tender Sequence