Past All The Dithering


Since I didn’t go to art school, my education in visual creation has been largely self-taught and in between other things I have ended up doing in life.

A lot of this exploration and self-study has resulted in realizing what it is that I do NOT want to do all the time.

Since 2009, I’ve picked up the camera and taken photos, written in relation to them, and made videos. I’ve gone from completely abstract videos to semi-abstraction with a different way of telling a story, one that wasn’t reliant on the usual cues and methods.

The latter part of this year has been all about – “So, what do you want to do with all this? What is it that you really want to focus on? You’ve gotten some foundation down, get deep now.”

My happiest moments seem to occur during editing my films. Photography is really a warm-up for that, along with writing. Both of these disciplines are good for practice in expression, preparation for something moving. Interdisciplinary is to me in this sense like cross-training – you add to your main focus, and strengthen it. For photography, constant practice with the camera, for writing, practice with sequence, moving from one thought to another with logic (even if it is poetic).

I think now I have it down, focusing on moving images, supplementing with photography and writing, extending an idea indefinitely perhaps, improvising along the way.

What this will mean then is driving in deeper, and getting those forms created in a way that is in control, purposeful even if exploratory, using my skills to elucidate and stretch my ideas further, interdisciplinary when required.

This is where I get serious.

Every Thursday