Polaroid Lab scans of color photos which were converted to b&w.

Moving through the non-expired I-type b&w film. Then trying the non-expired color version, before getting through the rest of the expired.

For sure, heating with a hair dryer before peeling takes longer than a minute with fresh film. Way longer actually to get all the titanium dioxide off – or maybe I need to wait slightly less than the development time required? Hmmm…

Nevertheless, the fragments of remaining titanium dioxide provide some interesting opportunities. Imperfection beckons improvisation, more to “talk about.” This particular way of creating is definitely down my alley.

On another note, that need to retreat from public interaction is gaining strength again.

Maybe that’s why I feel comfortable sharing through this remote electronic medium.

Truthfully, while the internet allows instant communication at any time of the day with people anywhere, for me, it gets to be too much more and more. I grew up in a different time. It was not 24/7/365.

Yeah, I’m showing my age.

There are times when I just … can’t.