Details: VIII. Kidnapped

Abbandonata VIII Kidnapped_still

Visual Sources: Original footage filmed on iPhone5c and distorted through various apps + original movie (my first!) made in iMovie; “Bay at the Moon,” courtesy of The Prelinger Archives, Public Domain; “Art of Spinning and Weaving,” courtesy of The Prelinger Archives, Public Domain.
Sound: Distortion via effects in FCPX, + stock sound clip.

For this next episode, I needed a capture scene. “Bay at the Moon,” an advertisement for a gun manufacturer featuring hunters capturing or killing animals in various scenarios, with barking dogs, was perfect. As for the other public domain film, why I included that as an overlay is a little mysterious to me, and you can interpret it in various ways, but it just seemed to fit with the hunting scenes I had. Finally, I included a clip from the first movie I ever made, back in 2009. The sound was from Bay At The Moon, and I heavily distorted it.

I don’t often use footage from films that I don’t make, there’s a certain style that results when they are incorporated that is not my style. When I do use them, I try to change them so that they are not readily recognizable. Everything is subservient to the mood and visual look of what I am making, throwing them in as if in collage, whole, pasted in, evokes a very different feel. Nevertheless I’ll use this footage now and then, as a challenge to see whether I can incorporate it in a way that feels comfortable and right for what I am making.


VIII. Kidnapped