Details: V. Past 2 a.m.

Abbandonata V_Past 2 a.m.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S8100; Canon Vixia HFS200
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Sound: Soundcloud (for recording), Final Cut Pro X

It took me a while to make this segment. In the story I originally wrote, after the woman sees a man in the forest, she runs like hell back to her cabin. At some point, she gets a dog, and a rifle, because she is afraid. This segment takes one immediately to the sense of danger and not knowing that the woman feels.

In the story, both she and her dog are aware that they are not alone, and she feels that she has to believe that the man she saw in the forest that day might, in fact, be real. But there is no sign of a human, only the sound of animals, perhaps wolves, outside, near the house. Both she and her dog feel threatened by that.

The most significant component of this movie to me is the sound. In the dark, one’s sense of sound becomes heightened.

There is an old dog next door who barks and whimpers often. He (or she?) has really bad cataracts and doesn’t see very well. It is an outdoor dog for the most part. One night, literally some time past 2 a.m., I recorded the sound of him through a window using Soundcloud. The combination of this with very abstracted visuals seems about right for the feeling of fear that my main character, now with her dog friend, are experiencing each night, after her “sighting.”


V. Past 2 a.m.

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