The Cat And The Dog

Some time ago, among the many other areas I like to explore, I got a Wacom tablet and started learning to do hand drawn animation.

This one is based on a story my daughter wrote during a summer camp program. My animation needed more frames, but I was anxious to get it up there and record my daughter and my son’s voices telling the story (I do a little with them too). They were terrific, adding to my minimalist drawing with their words and sounds in the easy way that only children can.

Hand drawn animation is old school, lots and lots of drawing. One has to be patient and in the mood to do the number of frames required for smooth movement, even with the digital tools available. But the satisfaction after completing such a project is enormous, particularly because you knew what was required, all against the “fastness” of this day and age, to complete it.

More to come. Slowly.

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