claytaken Well I was going to write this big long post about why I deactivated my Facebook account and what I detest about social media which exists mainly to be exploited for commercial and other “external” purposes, without the interest or consent of its members who originally signed on before the site was most speedily headed in that direction and all this main purpose was fully and clearly communicated to said members, et cetera, et cetera, but instead I’ll just write this very long sentence.

I really don’t have the energy to explain what other people who agree with me on this issue have been expressing much better than I all along (and they’ve been reading the writing on the wall all along). Boo to rampant capitalism, and yes, even in this age of privacy exploitation with our full and idiotic consent just because something to communicate with other people is offered for free, I resist. For some reason, wire tapping and reading other people’s mail continue to be against the law (unless you are under investigation for breaking laws), but other communication which is modern and uses a computer network is a-ok. Are we soon going to start having commercial interruptions during our phone calls and advertisements inserted in our non-commercial mail? Then again, we pay for phone service and we pay for mail. If that is the key, then I’ll pay to keep my information private, as long as it is reasonable, or go back to the old school way of communicating.

Yeah. No.

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