The Latest (11/2019)

Me and my beloved Baby Taylor BT1-e, which I have been learning to play on my own with the help of a classical guitar book by Frederick Noad. I was inspired to learn because I would eventually like to play some of Elliott Smith’s songs, and make some films based on them. The sound is so nice and mellow, and should I decide to go electric, I can do that too. A really wonderful thing in my life – I practice every day and am working up to playing Greensleeves with my violinist brother for Xmas this year. So glad that I can already read music due to my past piano studies with my mother – this makes a difference in my progress at only 4 months!

Oh my, this year so far has morphed into so much richness. I’ve been letting my video practice simmer a bit, still practice street photography every week (you can see my street photography on Instagram and link directly to it by going to the bottom of the home page of my website, finding the most recent photo and clicking on it), and read a lot about current events. But what is really consuming me is an intense dive back into a world that I can touch – I have taken up acoustic guitar (inspired by the music of Elliott Smith), and am working in papier-mâché. The former I have never played (though I learned piano and can read music), and the latter I probably haven’t done since I was like… 10?

Anyway, posting some pics of my papier-mâché adventures below – I created a gigantic mask and then went with fellow artist Thomas Cox, who also created a mask, to the October Artists’ Reception at LACDA for fun to show them off. The second object is a papier-mâché armature of a preening dove for an Xmas tree ornament that I’m currently working.

My mask was created with the guidance of a children’s 3D artwork book which I originally bought for my own children. Its base is a cardboard moving box, and the features were made with bubble wrap and masking tape, then all was covered with papier-mâché, and painted with acrylic paint. Then I added raffia and old fishnet stockings (bottom). This mask has a lot to do with the #MeToo movement, and making it was inspired by a photo essay I read last spring about the tradition of creating political masks and costumes to wear during Mardi Gras celebrations around the world.
With Thomas Cox at LACDA in October this year. Thomas grew and dried safflower, then created a plaster mask which fit him perfectly and attached the safflower to it. It was so delicate compared to my barbaric mask!


The drawing I worked from after I made the forms in papier-mache. I didn’t add a handle for the night I debuted it, but that is a project for another time – to make a mask that big and hold it that way.
The armature for a papier-mâché preening dove Xmas ornament that I’m working on now. Wire mesh closes around heavy papier, weak spots are reinforced with masking tape. The rest is coming before the end of this month.

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